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*my friend alexis says something I don’t like*
ME: hey… I may have ONE GOOD HAND… but I have a knife in my broken one!

At the secret Shinedown show I was told I could do an interview… but rather than ask the boys the same questions they probably get ALL THE TIME….. I decided to challenge them to a game of good ol’ Guess Who…. who wins? CLICK THE VIDEO to see

For years I’ve been dealing with a tooth that I needed to get a Root Canal on… I finally got it taken care of…. but between getting the RC and my permanent crown…they gave me a temporary one…..and guess what? It fell out…on a friday night… so I couldn’t get them to put it back [...]

Saturday at the Georgia Dome I stalked Maci from Teen Mom. I saw her on one of the screens.. had security tell me WHICH seats she was sitting in (72,000 people were there that night) went down to her seats…she was gone, so i got her friends to tell me where she was…. up in [...]

Just killing time between talk breaks….chillin on the 1’s and 2’s…way too much fun…need some..
The following are some of my favorite breaks from this past week:

This weekend my roommate invited me to her Horse Show. What i wasn’t expecting, was the chance to RIDE her horse Clark. How did I do?? CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW to see…

Okay… i said before I would do anything for the gay youth….. i take that back..
this is the only thing I won’t do/say/help someone with, when it comes to the gay youth!!!!
(names blocked to protect the innocent)

It’s been a while since I got behind a kit.. my buddy Mel and I went to guitar center and I sat down on an electro kit…. When I handed the guy back the sticks I said to him ‘thanks for letting me relive my youth for 5 minutes!’
nothing amazing… just screwing off for a [...]

Hey!! There’s new stuff up on my ‘audio’ page here.
I call some girl out on her fake British accent,
some little girl asks if I have a boyfriend,
how do you stay tough and order the new Metallica album?
That and more up today!