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What do Tegan and Sara think about their fans that think they’re ’sellouts’?
Do they think Taylor Swift coulllldd be gay??
These questions and more below……Final interview edited…but we know how wonderfully they speak, so I also have their full UNEDITED answers as well

yeah… it’s probably not smart of me….not having a job and also NOT updating my website since it’s happened…seeing as future bosses have probably come here to see how ‘current’ I am…. I am currently working MORE THAN full time with ReelWorld and their morning show prep site…..
Also, my great friend @SETHCARTER is redoin’ my [...]


Yes it’s true. The Project flipped, and we’re all out of jobs. Everyone’s phones are going crazy. I won’t lie and say I didn’t cry… There was something about Atlanta… It was VERY hard to get used to after Seattle.. but it was a community. And you all made me feel “at home” from the [...]

These are “my” cats..kind of.. one is mine (blanche) and Tupac is my ex’s…. Since they grew up together, we figured we should let them skype/facetime every now and again!!!

The whole project staff was live from Mayhem Fest this past weekend… I joined a few breaks with Aly, Chris (OC) and The Kidd Chris Show……. here you go!

No excuses this week!! ha
Live from our yearly Pajama Jam………that’s all you needed to see…that and I was wearing boxer shorts…

yeah.. i suck at updating…but you wouldn’t BELIEVE how busy I am now…. my god….. these breaks were happening during the transition of one friend coming and then the other WHILE having death cold 2012!!!


Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been so busy turning 30..having two great friends coming into town two weekends in a row…getting DEATH COLD 2012….and then starting a THIRD “part time” job… AGH…
Here are my fav breaks from june: